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photo of shoebox with's hardware
The hardware of, everything fits in a cardboard box (click to see larger photo)

Why is this domain called When I first thought of this name it was quite on the spur of the moment, but come to think of it, it's more than just irony or the name of the Debian release it ran back then.

Most anything in life is unstable, to some extent. In most cases this instability is shockingly great, such as with human life itself. One moment you're there and the next you're being taken to the Netherworld (hopefully it's not like /dev/null there).

With computers it's just the same, only with computers there's not even the (big) advantage of thousands of years of evolution. Hardware gets designed in a rush, to be ahead of competition, let alone software that is being checked for bugs and vulnerabilities as you run it. Stuff is unstable and let's acknowledge it, tries the best it can.

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