unstable.nl public Jabber server

Jabber (now better known as XMPP) is an excellent open instant messaging protocol. You can choose your own server, similar to e-mail. A list of clients is available at http://www.jabber.org/user/clientlist.php. The client I recommend is Psi, for Windows and Linux.

Host addressunstable.nl
Port5222 (clients supporting STARTTLS can use encryption.
Server softwareEjabberd
Services IRC transport (join the MUC channel "IRCchannel%server@irc.unstable.nl") File transfer proxy (transfer files even if you're behind a firewall)
Internet connectionADSL2, 25 Mbit/s downstream 2 Mbit/s upstream. This connection is provided by xs4all.nl.
Serviceshttps://unstable.nl/services.php - Check if server is running.
Login to Jabber with jwchatJabber Web Chat (jwchat)
Login to Jabber with Java WebclientJabberApplet
Other information Encryption is required for client connections, and optional for server connections. Plaintext authentication is disabled, this means that digest authentication is mandatory. Your password will never be sent over the wire in clear. This is supported in all conventional clients.

Server has been discontinued due to spam.