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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Supported Browsers
  3. Your Contact List
    1. Online Status Indicators
    2. Adding an User to your Contact List
  4. Customizing (Your Preferences)


jwc screenshot JWChat is a web based instant messenger (IM) just like AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or ICQ. This means you can manage your contacts and chat with other users directly. Unlike other IMs you can use this with your web browser without having to install any additional software at all. For a list of supported browsers see below. Your contact list is stored on the server. This means that you have access to your contact list from almost any computer as long as you've got access to the internet.

Supported Browsers

Supported browsers and plattforms:

Windows XP/2000/ME/98/95:

Mac OS X:


Your Contact List

the context menu The contact list holds entries for each user you have added. By right clicking on such an item you get a context menu as shown in the screenshot to the left: Left clicking an user pops up a message dialog.

Online Status Indicators

- User is online
- User is willing to chat
- User is away
- User is not available
- User doesn't want to be disturbed
- User is offline
- User is invisible
- User hasn't authenticated you

Change your own online setting by choosing a state from the select box at the bottom of your contact list. For some states you can set a custom status message which is displayed to other users. If you choose "invisible" you appear to be offline to other users.

Adding an User to your Contact List

Add an user by clicking on Add User Button. Enter the user's nickname in the subscription field and click "Send". Additionally you can enter a custom message in the textarea below. A subscription request with this message is sent to the user. If he or she accepts you can see his/her online status from now on.

After having sent this subscription request the user is added to your contact list and an edit user dialog pops up where you can set your custom nickname for this user and add him/her to one or more groups in your contact list.

You can create a new user group by entering a new name for "Group" at the "Available Groups" box followed by clicking on ">". Remove a user from a group by clicking on "<". A group is deleted from your contact list if there is no user left for this group.

Customizing (Your Preferences)

Open the preferences dialog by clicking on Preferences Button. Here's a short explanation for each option you can select:
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