The Awful Truth

Friday November 29th, The Awful Truth (by Micheal Moore), 10 shows seen at the IDFA (10x30 min)
In these TV shows Micheal Moore mocks with the political situation and sticks up for people that are mistreated by large corporations or the government. He does this in a sometimes hilariously funny way.

For example in one show, he is concerned about policemen in New York shooting innocent black people because they mistaked what they had in their hands for a gun. He organises a campaign where black people can exchange their 'dangerous' black wallets for bright orange ones. He makes a board with a gun and a wallet and shows it to the police and educates them about the difference.

In another show he complains about the fact that certain congressman get re-electd everytime, simply because there's no one to choose from. He decides to run a plant for congress, a ficus. He makes tv commercials for the ficus, organises press meetings and urges everyone to take the ficus seriously. A lot of people eventually vote for the ficus but the people who organise the election cover up the votes. People all over the country start running ficusses as a sort of protest.

In another show he sticks up for a group of Mexicans who tried to form a union to fight the poor working conditions. The Holiday Inn, their employers, reacted by reporting them to the INS and now they were to be deported the next week. Micheal Moore pays a visit to the Holiday Inn and brings two inspectors who find a host of things to report to the medical and fire inspection. At the end of the show we are told that the Holiday Inn was forced to pay a fine and that the government achieved a settlement with the Mexicans and that they can stay legally in the US.