Personal sites
Paul Lutus
the personal site of a profossor, with some interesting articles.
another personal site, this one's a hacker.
Site of Dan Bernstein, of qmail (in)fame. He has some interesting opinions, as well as some others.
very good Dutch radio and tv (government subsidised) broadcasting "organisation" (the Dutch TV model is 3 public channels with a few organisations broadcasting wildly varying programs on them, and of course we have commercial crap; though yeah, sometimes commercial TV is OK). This one has more intelluctual (and often more leftist) programs than most others.
not only the biggest encyclopedia, also the biggest intellectual work on the planet! Very useful, eg. to quickly find relevant information or references on subjects.
the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - large collection of articles, sort of like Wikipedia but much smaller and with lots of British humor.
Studyguides. College level, but concise.
Drugs and conspiracies
Tons of articles and publications on every drug imaginable; ranging from scientific studies to laws and personal experiences.
E-books on psychedelics.
Information on the war on drugs.
Esperanto, an artificial, international language.
Lojban, also an artificial language but this one is also logical, ie. ambiguity does not exist in Lojban!