The Holographic Universe - Micheal Talbot

This was one of the most interesting books I've read. It's a work of non-fiction about a theory of reality which states that the universe is a hologram. The theory can explain paranormal abilities and logic defying discoveries made in the field of quantum physics. In other chapters various claims of the paranormal are studied and explained with the theory.

According to the theory our consciousness collectively constructs reality as we perceive it by believing in it. When someone with a certain talent or experience focusses his mind he can bend or even alter reality. Objects can materialize out of thin air, he can heal himself or others and even time travel is possible. Usually claims of the paranormal are dismissed not because they were simply made up but because our materialistic wordview cannot explain these phenomena.

After reading this book the bases of my worldview were totally swep away. It is hard for me to describe but my advice is to simply read the book and find out for yourself.