Eye Spy

Sunday, November 24th: Eye spy, seen in the cinema at the IDFA. (35 min.)
This documentary was about Montesinos, Peruvian head of intelligence, who left a legacy of thousands of videotapes with all his briberies. On the tapes, which he recorded with a hidden videocamera, he bribes all sorts of people and arranges 'cooperations' between corporations and the state.

When the tapes were released this led to the fall of the regime. Montesino, among others, is now in prison. But president Fujimori is still a fugitive. Japan, as of yet, refuses to extradite him.

I liked this documentary but at first I was a bit overwhelmed by the English subtitles (the film is Spanish spoken) that went by very fast. But later on, and especially when the director answered questions after the film it all became clear.